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Re: sims 4 no

by SheriGR

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sims 4 no

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Sims 4 not showing up in game library, it says: origin servers are temporarily unavailable. i can't find my confirmation code anywhere. but in my order history, i have proof that i bought  sims 4. How do i fix this? does anyone else have this problem?


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Re: sims 4 no

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@lilsaintskid The in-game gallery and playing online with Origin was out for periods today. I just checked and it seems to be up and connecting fine now, plus now I see an Origin update in mine. Hopefully this will continue to stay connected and you can get on fine now.

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Re: sims 4 no

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it still has not been solved, this has been going on for a long time. i bought a new sims 4 in hope that the code would work, it seemed to accept the code when i typed it in. It glitches and said servers are temporarily down. now i can't use that code and just wasted money.

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Re: sims 4 no

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@lilsaintskid It seems that you may need to contact EA for support. This is a help forum for gameplay issues, but if your code is not working I think it would be best if you contacted support so they can help you get your game purchase and upload in place. Please reference the following:

SheriGR Coffee cup I don’t work for EA

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