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sims 4 missing content

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Hi all I looked this up on the web but nothing is working. I'm away from home and downloaded sims 4 to play on my school laptop. When trying to run the game I get the error that I have content missing. I've tried reinstalling both the game and Origins multiple times, running as admin, and even had my partner delete the files and log out of origin on my home desktop. I don't use mods or custom content and I only have 2 free addons from the in-game store. What else can I do?


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Re: sims 4 missing content

@2aozha2 How are you trying to install the game? Does your laptop meet the minimum requirements to run this game. This game has a large file structure - are you sure the laptop has enough free space for this game?


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Re: sims 4 missing content

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Hi there @2aozha2,


Are you seeing an error message about game data is missing or damaged? If so, that error is usually due to corrupt user files. The steps here should help clear that up for you. 


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