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sims 4 demo overwrote my sims 3 game- needing a new code

by lucielovescake

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sims 4 demo overwrote my sims 3 game- needing a new code

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i was wondering if you could help me, the other day i decided to get the sims 4 demo as i am very excited for its release as i waited for it to install i was thinking where was my sims 3 as my computer didnt ask me weather i would like to over right the exsisting game. i finished playing on sims 4 and i went to play on sims 3 to find that it wasnt there, ive tried many codes to get the sims 3 back onto my system but it wont accept my code and i did a system restore for 2 days ago but the sims 3 was not there, please would you kindly give me a new code i wasnt really bothered about what i did on the game its the fact that i cant play on it anymore so thats why i would appreciate a new code thankyou

 please all i need is anew code

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Re: sims 4 demo overwrote my sims 3 game- needing a new code

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sims  4 and sims 3 are two separate games you don't overwrite one to the other or vice versa


if you did the restore that may have wiped your games out


if you have origin downloaded to your computer log in there with th eemail and password you use for oyur account then in the my games tab you should if the games where registered the digital version of the games should be there to download and install again


if the games are not there contact CS


if in the event you need to contact CS

2.Click on the orange NEXT button
3.Select a platform
4.Click on the orange NEXT button
5.Select a topic and describe your problem in a few words
6.Click on the orange NEXT button
7.Click Chat Now to chat with a Game Advisor

guide on how to contact CS

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