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[sims 4] I can't right click on my sims

by DaniqueSw

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[sims 4] I can't right click on my sims

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I have seen this answered a few times, but none of these solutions seemed to work for me.


While in gameplay, when I right-click on my sim, nothing happens, I don't know what I did for it to stop working because it worked before. I already repaired my game, reinstalled it, took all my cc out of my game and removed all cache files, but even only with base game and EA packs, it does not work.


Does anyone know what else I can do to fix it? Because at this point, I see no fun in playing anymore.


I'm on PC if that helps, btw. Thanks!

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Re: [sims 4] I can't right click on my sims

@DaniqueSw  With no mods and no cheats, right-clicking on a sim does nothing.  Is it possible you had a mod adding commands on right-click, and that mod is no longer working?  Mods can get outdated with patches.


If you're thinking of the testingcheats options, when the cheats are enabled, you need to shift-click on the sim to see the various options.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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