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Re: sims 3

by puzzlezaddict

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sims 3

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Hello! I recently bought a few things from the Sims 3 Store and downloaded them to the Launcher. When I try to install them from the Launcher, the pop-up comes up as a black screen and then disappears without installing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game, all expansions, and even Origin in an attempt to fix this problem. Now, I am unable to install ANY of my store content. Can anyone help? Thank you!

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Re: sims 3

@lilduck2004  Please remove your  Sims 3 game folder from Documents\Electronic Arts; you can put it on your desktop.  Open the launcher to create a clean folder.  Try downloading  just one item from the store, then install it.  If it works, go ahead and install the rest of your store stuff, a few items at a time.  (The launcher doesn't deal with large amounts of data very well.)


Once you have your store stuff installed, you can move your saves and other content, if you have anything you'd like to keep, from the old game folder to the new one.  It's best to reinstall all your store content, again in small batches (and worlds should be installed separately), since it's difficult to tell whether any of the existing files of installed store stuff are corrupt.  Here's an explanation of everything you'll find in your game folder:


If you can't install even one store item in a clean folder, the issue might be how the files are getting downloaded.  Go into Downloads inside your new game folder, delete the new download, and use a different browser to try to redownload it.  Firefox and Internet Explorer work best with the store.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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