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Re: sims 3: move objects up and down?

by puzzlezaddict

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sims 3: move objects up and down?

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i was wondering if there’s a button to move objects up and down for sims 3? not like paintings or stuff on the wall but objects like for example counters or beds or tables, what i’m trying to do is move my sim up and down so i can take pictures. she’s a toddler so she’s not tall enough. i have moveobjects on but i’m not sure how to move them up and down(:if this could be answered i’d greatly appreciate it. 


edit: i’m not on a mac

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Re: sims 3: move objects up and down?

@KatieOwlGirl  I've moved your post to the Sims 3 PC tech forum.  (I have no idea whether you're on a Mac or not, but it doesn't matter for this question.)


There's not a lot built into the game itself that you can use.  What you might try is adding a platform to the area where you want the toddler to stand, then deleting it (with MoveObjects on) once the toddler is properly positioned, and moving the objects but not the toddler.  I'm honestly not sure if the toddler would hover in place even if you never let the game clock run in live mode after deleting the platform, but you could try.


There's plenty of third-party content that could help, from pose packs to resizing mods.  I can't recommend any specifically, not using them myself, but you could ask on the Mod the Sims site, or the official Sims forums as well.  (If you're not a member on the forums, you wouldn't be able to start your own discussion, but I could start one for you.)


As always, be very careful when using MoveObjects on to move sims, whether you're also using poses or not.  The cheat moves a sim's body but leaves other data behind, and you can end up with all kinds of weird routing errors and worse.  The best strategy is to save before you turn on the cheat, and quit without saving any of your play session afterwards.  That way, you can get the pics you want, but your ongoing save isn't affected.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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