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sims 3 game disappeared

by corinarocks00

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sims 3 game disappeared

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how do i recover my sims game and expansion packs? the laptop which I originally had it on broke and wanna play on my new one, but for some reason, origin does register that I have the game and asks me to buy it again. the same goes with my expansion packs. im assuming i lost my saved worlds and progress but i would at least like to get the game again without having to pay for it yet again.

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Re: sims 3 game disappeared

@corinarocks00  Did you buy the game from Origin, and if not, did you ever register your content in Origin or on the old Sims 3 site?  If so, the content is tied to whatever account you used at the time, and all you need to do is login to that account, which it sounds like is not your current account.  If you're not sure what email address you used back then, you can enter any address you still have access to in the Origin login window and click "Forgot your password?"  An address tied to an Origin account will (should) receive a password recovery email.  Check the spam folder too.


If you bought physical discs and never registered them, you can do so now, provided you still have the product keys.


And yes, your saves and other user content are stored locally on your computer, so if your old laptop is unusable, the saves are gone.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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