sim 3 save crashing while loading

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sim 3 save crashing while loading

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I have been playing Sims 3 on my same PC for a number of years.  I have multiple saves for different games and challenges.  One of my saves will crash while loading, not freeze, actually crash.  While my other saves seem to load totally fine, even other saves that are on much bigger lots and have bigger families.  I have tried the process of moving the file from Electronic Arts folder and then moving it back and I can also confirm that there is no ".bad" file associated with this save or in my folder at all.


Anything helps at this point!  Thanks in advance for any tips!

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Re: sim 3 save crashing while loading

@htank66  This particular save may be corrupt, but there are a couple of steps you can take to try to recover it.  First, delete the five cache files in your game folder in Documents.  These should be deleted regularly even in the absence of game issues, but while you're troubleshooting, make sure to trash them every time you quit.  For reference, they are:






If that alone doesn't help, move your entire TS3 game folder (not just parts, the whole thing) out of Documents and onto your desktop.  Launch the game again to spawn a clean folder; you don't have to go farther than the Main Menu.  Then copy your Saves folder from the old game folder to the new one.  (Delete your caches.)  Try to load the save now.  If you're playing in a store or custom world, make sure to install that world first, or of course your save won't load, but you don't have to worry about other cc items.  The game will find replacements, and anyway, you're not trying to save, just confirm that you can load it.


If the save works, you can transfer your other content into your new game folder from your old one.  Here's a comprehensive list of everything you'll find in there, including what to keep and what's expendable:


If the save won't load in a clean folder, you can try to use the backup instead.  Inside Saves, you'll see a folder labeled with your save name plus a .backup extension.  So if the folder for your borked save is SunsetValley.sims3, the backup will be SunsetValley.sims3.backup.  Delete the .backup extension and rename the save (i.e. SunsetValley1.sims3), and you'll be able to select it at the Main Menu.  It's probably best to try this in another clean folder.


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Re: sim 3 save crashing while loading

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@puzzlezaddict thank you so much for all of the recommendations!  I have tried each step.  I don't have any cc items or any custom worlds, all I have is the Seasons expansion pack but if that never loading it wouldn't be a major loss.  Each step came with no new results expect the step to rename the backup folder.  Unfortunately the game still crashed but I got a pop-up error before I had to manually close out of it.  The error said:


A serious error has occurred while loading 'SunsetValley.sims3'.  It is strongly recommended that you restart the application.


The error came with an accept button, after clicking the button the screen froze and I had to force quit the game.


Do you have any other suggestions for me?  Or is it a lost cause?

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Re: sim 3 save crashing while loading

@htank66  It's best to keep Seasons active while you're trying to load this save; there's no need to challenge the game engine further.  Also, just in case it's relevant: the "serious error" messages can be caused by loading a corrupt save, but also by having your game folder open when you launch TS3.  So if you had the folder open, make sure to close it.


Your save might be beyond recovering, but there is one more thing you can try before giving up.  Pull your existing game folder out of Documents (again) and launch the game to create a new one.  Start a new save in the same town as your borked save, then save your progress and quit.  (No need to play for more than a couple of minutes, just long enough to get things rolling.)  Inside the new game folder, open Saves, and then the folder with the name of your new save.  Pull out the .nhd file (it will be labeled with the name of the town you were playing in), and copy over the .nhd file from the borked save.  Then clear your cache files in the new game folder and try to load.


If this doesn't work either, then unfortunately, there's nothing more you can do.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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