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repairing a game in the new origin

by Pocketsworld

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repairing a game in the new origin

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Hi all. When i go to repair a game in the new origin it seems as if it is using data. Is this correct? Similarly when i update a game (which is understandable). 10 gig for the sims 4. Seems a bit over the top. Anyone know anything about this? 

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Re: repairing a game in the new origin


The game has always used data when you repair. Repair compares the files on the server with those on your hard drive so there's always data involved (always has been)


Are you saying it's using more ? Only if something is not ok with your installation and it it has to actually repair it.

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Re: repairing a game in the new origin

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The entirety of the game files is 16.4 GB, it will not need nearly that much actual data usage to verify them with the server, that's about 500MB to 1GB but, if they need repaired Origin will download all of the files that are damage and, yes that could be up to 16.4 GB depending on how damaged the game was.

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