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reinstalling expansion packs sims 3

by Bannistarr

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reinstalling expansion packs sims 3

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some of my expansion packs for sims 3 didn't reinstall when I reinstalled my game and origin won't let me reuse my codes to put them on my computer. is there anyway i can get them back without having to pay for them again??

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Re: reinstalling expansion packs sims 3

@Bannistarr  Codes can't be reused, even on the same account—once they've been registered, they're useless.  But depending on why the packs didn't install, you may be able to get them back.  Are they listed as owned in your account?  On the list of Expansion Packs (or Stuff Packs), does it say Purchase, Details, or Install for the missing packs?  Are they listed as already installed, but don't show up in the launcher?  The way to go about fixing the issue will depend on what you see.


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