"strange joy" badge

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"strange joy" badge

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On https://mypage.thesims3.com/ I filter the badges by "The Sims 3" - what is this filter? Isn't it for a base game?

I tried to complete "strange joy", I've got a ghost baby, but then I didn't receive the badge and I see that it's not even showing as an option to get in-game.

I found this topic where people have the same problem: Strange Joy Problem — The Sims Forums

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Re: "strange joy" badge

@krecha_ae  Yes, the "The Sims 3" category refers to base game badges.  However, I know for a fact when I was only playing with the base game, World Adventures, and Ambitions, this badge wasn't available.  On the other hand, it is available in-game, and showing as base game, now that I have all the expansions installed.


I haven't actually earned the badge, but I can probably test it out if you want to know for sure whether it's achievable at all.


What packs do you currently have installed?  If the answer is less than "all of them," please list them out, and I'll try to figure out which EP makes this particular badge appear.


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