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Re: one file crashes when saving

by kreatora

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one file crashes when saving

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I have a PC using Origin downloaded game files.


Are you using custom content or mods in your game ? Yes


At what point does your game crash ?  For one save file / family only: whenever I select Save or Save As... Even after loading the file right away.


Is the crashing random or is there a pattern ? Seems like the saving is an issue


Is it an occasional crash or constant ?  Constant. Every single time I've tried.


It is a longer-running family, and I have created a brand new file with no issues thinking it was the game or a specific mod. The new file saves as many times as I want. I really hope I don't lose the original family I have issues with, but maybe the file itself is corrupt?


I repaired through Origin, that didn't work.


I have attached my DxDiag, and the clean boot file (sorry I keep forgetting the actual name). It won't let me attach my lastCrash, but let me know if it will work to copy and paste it in a reply.


Thank you in advance!

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Re: one file crashes when saving

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Since you have no issues with a new savegame there likely is some corruption in the savegame that you are having trouble with possibly caused by the fact that there are very little free space on your SSD.

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Re: one file crashes when saving

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Not sure but it is worth a try. Maybe deleting localthumbcache.package file in game folder and AFTER this fixing game in Origin can help this old save. If this error caused mods then this error is still saved in the memory of this file. 

But the free disk space is actually tiny. Try to uninstall what you do not use. Throw out photos from there for example,

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