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Re: now and then

by DonroaAkashu

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now and then

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I cant find the then version of the mid century now and then manor house

I have loaded and installed twice but only have the now broken down manor

I want the old nice one - where can I find it

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Re: now and then

★★ Guide

@gergob Someone else asked the same question and got an answer at Sims Forum:

To me the lots are in Edit Town > Show Empty Houses.


They are next to eachother. The "Now" (run down version), is first. To narrow down the search: sort by the star icon, once in the section Empty Houses: Show Custom Content Only. The lots are called: "The Century Manor Now / The Century Manor Then".


When downloading Store items it is important to always start with the biggest objects first: worlds and venues. Here is a link to a method made by a player at Sims Forum:


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