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my sims 4 community gallery wont connect

by ohxxigen

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my sims 4 community gallery wont connect

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  i bought the full version of the sims 4 back in june of 2018, and it ran smoothly until September of last year after an update. everything runs perfectly fine, with the exception of a few glitches caused by my mods every now and then. I have access to the lots and sims that I had saved prior to this issue, but I am unable to access the community gallery,and whenever I attempt to I get a message saying,"Connection Is Required. Connect or Stay Offline?", and when I select "Connect" it  says the following, "Unable To go Online. There is no internet connection available. Please make sure that you have a working Internet connection to access Online content", despite me being connected to the internet through origin. 


 I assumed that my mods and custom content was responsible for this issue, so I deleted the sims 4 folder in hopes of a solution. everything ran smoothly, but the second I clicked on the gallery it appears to be connected, but has red x's over the content(sims and lots), but gives me that same message. I seen the thread that someone else had made with several possible solutions, but even with me running both origin and the sims 4 as administrators the same issue consists.

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Re: my sims 4 community gallery wont connect

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I’m having the same problem too- however idk if it’s my mods as I am about to try it without my mods. I also have down everything technical there is and use suggestions and take advice from overs but nothing is working. It’s not even my WiFi either! This si annoying because I always go into the gallery to download homes and other micceallanous stuff and now I can’t even connect.
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Re: my sims 4 community gallery wont connect

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I have realized it is my mods because it seems I can now get onto the gallery. So now I have to figure what mods is making it hard to connect.....

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Re: my sims 4 community gallery wont connect

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So I removed all my mods folder out and tested it and it seemed to work then I wanted to find out what mods weren’t working and took my mods out separately from the folder onto my desktop and when I took it all out with nothing in the folder- I went to log the game and still I can’t get into the gallery at all. This is so frustrating Frown

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Re: my sims 4 community gallery wont connect

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After removing mods folder to desktop before testing you should delete localthumbcache.package file in game folder and fix the game in Origin. However, the most common reason for the lack of connection with Gallery is some error that occurred - for example during the update - in User Settings . To get rid of it, you need to reset the game folder as described in this post:
I don't work for EA

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Re: my sims 4 community gallery wont connect

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Well I don’t understand any of this. So I went to go and follow your advice and just got through deleting the thumbnail cache folder and was about to take my folder it and reset it-butt j had forgot I had already loaded my game and it started and so I was gonna quit and do this thing but then I found I was connected to the in game gallery again..... The gallery is so finicky I don’t get it. For weeks I couldn’t connect at al and now it’s back up.....

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