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my launcher is not working

by SPARKIE2407

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my launcher is not working

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Hi I have an issue with my Launcher, the screen where i usually login is blue, also when i try to login it doesn't recognise my password which has not changed since i very first registered with EA Games or the Sims 3 also it has deleted a number of my games which according to my games list on my page should still be there. This is now about the 8th time i have asked this question and have not received a word back or any advice or help, i know you are pushing Sims 4 products now, but what about some loyalty to your Sims 3 players, sorry to moan on but i have spent a good sum of money buying products and it gets frustrating when the game doesn't work how it should. 



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Re: my launcher is not working

@SPARKIE2407  Is your computer a pc or mac? If your computer is a pc did you reset IE (Internet Explorer) browser. The game uses IE to communicate.


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.

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