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mouse cursor wont change to sims 4 version

by LucyLumiere

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Re: Mouse not changing in game

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It might. I have seen one or two posts on this. I don't think it was solved.

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Re: Mouse Cursor (Sims 4)

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Hello, i had a similar problem... i had a windows mouser marker in game, and it was very annoying.


Turning of origin in game helped me. 


Thx so much!

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Re: Mouse not changing in game

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Before uninstalling and reinstalling the game, if you haven't yet try these tips:


1. Turn off Origin In-Game:
Open Origin, Select Origin > Application Settings > Origin In Game and click the on/off switch to disable Origin In Game.


2. Turn off Discord and it's overlay software. This has been reported causing issues with Sims 4.


3. Turn off "Display Pointer Trails" in the mouse control panel option.

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Select Mouse > Pointer Options. Under Visibility, un check the Display pointer trails.

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Re: mouse cursor wont change to sims 4 version

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I had this exact problem and finally managed to find a solution! Someone commented about it in another forum. You need to disable origin in game.
If you don't know how to do that, it's super easy. Open origin, go to Game Library, find Sims 4 and right click on it. Then click 'Game Properties', and then "Disable Origin In Game for The Sims™ 4 Collector's Edition". It fixed the issue for me so I hope it does for you too!
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Re: mouse cursor wont change to sims 4 version

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Hi everyone,

I've merged two threads about the same issue in one single thread - to keep information in the same place Standard smile

If disabling Origin In Game makes the cursor look as it should, it's possible there's some kind of incompatibility between a program running in your computer and Origin In Game.

If you want to play with Origin In Game enabled, so you want to keep troubleshooting the problem, I would recommend performing a clean boot in your computer. If while doing the clean boot you can open the game with Origin In Game enabled and works properly, then we will know there's something causing compatibility issues.

Hope that helps! Standard smile

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Re: Normal Windows Mouse Cursor (Sims 4)

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I have the same exact problem. The reason we can't click a certain area on the middle right of the screen is because there is a notification popping up as an overlay. So to prevent the notifications from interrupting the game, do the following:
follow the steps below to disable the Optimal Resolution Notification:
  1. Right click on the on the empty area on the Desktop.
  2. Select Graphics options
  3. Balloon Notification
  4.  Optimal Resolution Notification
  5. Disable.

When you get back into the sims 4, you will notice that you can click in that area again. Do not remove any of your mods or CC's because they are not the root of the problem. (I'm telling you his from experience). 

Good luck and happy gaming.

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Re: Normal Windows Mouse Cursor (Sims 4)

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hi! I have a windows 4 laptop. Just so you know. Around 1 out of 25 times I enter the sims 4, the mouse pad and wireless mouse work on most of the screen, but the most annoying part is that the places it doesn't work is down the middle. the 'sims mouse' transfers to a main screen mouse and I cant click anything in the area. I tried repairing the game once and it didn't work. I tried restarting the laptop. Also nothing. its really bothering to me because if I try to leave the game, I can't click the check mark because it transfers to a min screen mouse. I have to cancel out of the whole thing or shut down the whole laptop.


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Re: Normal Windows Mouse Cursor (Sims 4)

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@janecemartial Thank you!! This was my exact problem. I didn't even bother disabling anything- simply alt+tab'd to the desktop and closed the pesky notification. Once that was gone everything worked perfectly. I never would've thought of that XD

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Re: Normal Windows Mouse Cursor (Sims 4)

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@janecemartial it was a notif. for my gamr bar in windows popping up, any pop ups will behave like this i know now. WOW thank you!💖💖💖
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Re: mouse cursor wont change to sims 4 version

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Hi! I yesterday i saw your comment and did the exact steps you said. While i was playing yesterday everything went fine and the mouse problem was fixed. Now im back on the sims today and the mouse problem reoccured, even though origin was already disabled in the game, i enabled it then disabled it again. But the regular mouse still shows up on the side of the screen. Do you or anyone else have any other tips?

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