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Re: mouse cursor instead of sims cursor

by kreatora

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mouse cursor instead of sims cursor

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ok im not exactly sure how to explain this. in game, my cursor is the usual sims cursor except when i move it over certain areas of the screen, specifically the lower right hand area (where the inventory is). then it becomes the windows cursor, and i cant click on anything with it. if i move it somewhere else on the screen it changes back again. but now i cant click on my kids homework or any of the other things i need in my sims inventories. can anyone help with this? 

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Re: mouse cursor instead of sims cursor


In the Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Devices and Printers -> mouse/cursor or indicator options - I don't know if it will be named "cursor" - I don't have the English version of Windows - turn off - "show indicator -cursor trail".
If this will not work, try switching the game to windowed mode.

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