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mods download as photoshop files

by Surrealmind1211

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mods download as photoshop files

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can anyone tell me why my mods are opening in photoshop and why they wont show up when i put them in the mods folder?

is there a way to convert it so its not photoshop?

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Re: mods download as photoshop files




You at one point tried to open a .package file in Photoshop that associated the filetype with Photoshop so when you doubleclick such a file iit now opens Photoshop. Why do you even doubleclick such a file? It does no good so stop doing that. They are not Photoshop files you just associated them with Photoshop. That you did this does not change how they work in The Sims 4. As they do not appear in the game likely means that you put them in the wrong folder. They need to go in the Mods folder that the game uses. Usually this is located here: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

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