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Re: master controller won't work

by samanthajones020

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Re: master controller won't work

@samanthajones020  Depending on how small your C drive is, it might be better to uninstall TS3 and reinstall it on D before you start playing.  You can direct Documents to D as well.  You might be able to keep enough storage free on a 256 GB C drive if you have nothing else besides Windows and the game, but you'd need to carefully manage your saves and other content.  If you have a 128 GB C drive, it's pretty much impossible to run TS3 from it.


When you uninstall, make sure to clean the registry of all Sims-related content with a tool like Piriform's CCleaner (free).  It's probably best to manually uninstall Origin as well, and then reinstall in on D first.  You can adjust the download path before you start installing the game; hopefully, that will be enough to convince Origin to cooperate.  And if you start by installing only the base game, it will be quicker to uninstall and reinstall should the program files land in the wrong place.


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Re: master controller won't work

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I initially tried to download it into the D drive but every time i did that a new file would open up in the c drive as well and cause problems so i just installed it onto the C drive anyway, i do have an issue with the storage as the whole sims 3 mods and stuff is quite big for my drive and i have less than 1G space free which is definitely not enough but origin (it is already in my d drive) won't let me install it straight to my D drive only and i don't know why.

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Re: master controller won't work

@samanthajones020  What install path are you using when you try to install to D?  I'm not sure why Origin isn't cooperating; maybe it it would help to clear its cache, or even manually uninstall it and reinstall it.


One other possibility is that the downloads are landing on C, but the program files are all on D after installation.  If you install only the base game to D, what's left on C after you're done?  Anything in Documents is a separate issue—your game folder will land in Documents no matter what you do (unless you want to look into symbolic links), but you can redirect all of Documents to D.


And you're right, 1 GB free storage isn't nearly enough.  Windows 10 needs at least 35-40 GB free to function properly, or you'll have a host of issues that have nothing to do with the game.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: master controller won't work

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i went into the application settings in origin and changed the default to somewhere in my D drive but it still opens a new folder in c with the Cache folder etc in it, the game runs fine but no mods work if i add the folder to the D drive folder. also when i delete the sims 3 folder from the C drive it opens up again when i open the sims 3 launcher.

i can try clearing the cache for origin, where would i find that? and ill also try uninstalling and reinstalling if that doesn't work

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Re: master controller won't work

@samanthajones020  There are two different places Sims 3 files are going to land.  The program files should be installed on D, which is what Origin is supposed to be doing.  These are the files that make the game run, and we're not supposed to mess with them or add anything there.  (Mods were placed in program files when the game was originally releaseed, but the mods setup changed more than eight years ago.)


The Sims 3 game folder lands in Documents\Electronic Arts, wherever Documents is located on your computer, and it holds your saves and any content you create in-game.  This is where you add mods, and store and custom content get installed here.  If you move this folder out of Documents, the game won't be able to find it and will create a new folder when the launcher opens.  Your mods won't be in the new folder and won't show up in-game, and neither will any of your saves.


It's probably best to just redirect Documents in its entirety to D, and then your saves won't be clogging up C.  Here's a guide:


The "dummies" part is a bit condescending (sorry), but this is the best guide I've seen so far, and it has screenshots to help.


If Origin is really installing files to C, clearing its cache and/or uninstalling and reinstalling it may help.  But if it's only the game folder landing there, moving Documents will take care of that.  The other possibility is that the game's installer is landing in C before the program files are actually installed to D.  This isn't a problem.  You'll know it's fine when the install is complete and there's nothing left on C.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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