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Re: into the future will not let you buy a house

by puzzlezaddict

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into the future will not let you buy a house

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each time I go into the future it will not let me buy a house. I have to stay at the community house. I cannot figure out why. I have always bought a house somewhere in town. Not anymore. Can you please tell me why or what I have to do to get a house in the future.

Thank you

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Re: into the future will not let you buy a house

@THEladyhoss  The usual path is to use the phone and select Real Estate & Travel Services > Buy Future Home.  If that's not working, go to Edit Town and make sure there's at least one residential lot that's designated as player-ownable.  If there is, try changing the zoning on all such houses to something else and then back again.


Then save, quit, delete the five cache files in your game folder (in Documents\Electronic Arts), and reload.  These cache files should be deleted regularly anyway, and while you're troubleshooting, every time you quit the game.  For reference, they are:

  • CASPartCache.package
  • compositorCache.package
  • scriptCache.package
  • simCompositorCache.package
  • socialCache.package

I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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