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i bought gold edition but can only download standard

by gtrgrl

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i bought gold edition but can only download standard

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I bought the Gold Edition of Lucky Palms YEARS ago. I was playing it a lot this summer after I vacationed in Las Vegas. I bought a new PC lap top (I always have had a PC to play Sims) and now the store says I only own the Standard edition. I KNOW I had the gold edition because I had the Casino and the Hit Em Harder Blackjack Table and the Triple Riches Slots O Jackpots Slot Machine. Origin lost my Pets game, Katy Perry, and Island Paradise too. I was on chat and the helper accused me of lying. I have pictures of these in my game and screenshots of them downloaded in my programs. How do I get my Gold Edition for Lucky Palms back? I also lost one of my Show Stopper packages, but I had some extra cash and bought them again. Sometimes, wasting time talking on chat is not worth it, so it is easier to buy things again. But, this is crazy, Origin/EA already got my money and I am TIRED of paying twice for things. What can I do? Who can I contact?

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Re: i bought gold edition but can only download standard

@gtrgrl  If you go directly to the product pages for the casino, blackjack table, and slot machine, can you download the items?  Sometimes the purchase history loses data, but the items are still credited to your account.


Blackjack Table

Slot Machine

The Lucky Simoleon Casino (above items included)


Is it possible that you originally used a different account to buy this content, or to register some of your packs?  If so, you could ask that that account be merged with your current one, provided you can prove you own it.  (That would be as simple as receiving a verification email and providing the code to the support rep.)  Or you could ask support to look into what happened to your missing packs.  If you have the computer you used to play on, the codes would likely still be in the registry, unless you cleaned it after uninstalling.  Here's how to find the codes:


For your store content, if you can't download the missing items and it's not an issue of multiple accounts, I'm not totally sure what else you could do.  But it might help support to know the exact date of your purchases.  (No, you shouldn't have to provide it, but the easy way already didn't work.)  If the original files are still in your Downloads folder on an old computer, you could right-click on the packs, select Properties, and get the modification dates.


I wish there were a more straightforward way to fix this issue, but honestly, there might not be one.  The store has been known to lose data, packs get deactivated for good and bad reasons (although this is more often fixable if the original purchases were from authorized sellers), and chat doesn't always solve the problem.  You could always try the live callback option instead of chat, to see if it makes a difference, but I'm not sure it will.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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