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house didnt save for the second time

by unicorns176

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house didnt save for the second time

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i built a house in the sims and worked very hard on it. at first, I clicked save then I exited out, but it didn't save. a month later I worked harder on another house and spent hours on it, yet it didn't save after I clearly remember clicking save. is there any way to recover this because I am very upset and wanted to post to the gallery.

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Re: house didnt save for the second time

@unicorns176 If it didn't save with the save game, I don't think there's a way to recover it.

Did you upload it to the library/gallery at any point ? Did you save while in build mode or in love mode ?

For the future I would recommend, saving the house to the library and checking if it appears there before closing the game.

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