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Re: game failed to load. Error

by preddilala1

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game failed to load. Error

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Hello, my sims 4 has been having this issue where it loads all fine but when i try to select a household to play or build i get the same error every time (error code:102:85621a17:242d1043) I don't have ANY mods installed and i don't know what's causing this error but please if anyone sees this please help.

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Re: game failed to load. Error

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Go to Documents/ElectronicArts - inside will be The Sims4 folder
Step 1. Rename The Sims4 folder to "The Sims4 old"
Step 2. Fix the game in Origin
Origin/Library - right-click on TS4 - option "Repair game"
You have to wait until Origin will fix all packs, not only the base game.
Step 3. Turn on the game - a new game folder will be created and you will have two - one old, one new
Step 4. Check if you still have this problem in the newly created game folder.
If the problem disappeared
Step 5. Delete in the new game folder following folders:
"saves" and Tray.
Step 6. Go to "The Sims 4 old" folder and copy - your "saves " folder.
Step. 7, Paste this folder in a newly created game folder.
Step 8. Do the same with Tray folder and TrayDeleteItems file
Step 9. (If you don't use mods skip this step.) Check if there are newly updated version mods you are using.
Then copy and paste your mods and CC from old mods folder to the new one. First copy the scripts mods every time checking if the game is working properly. If you have a lot of CC try 50/50 method ( divide your CC into smaller batches for example 50 pieces in one subfolder and check these subfolders one by one)
Step. 10. Launch the game and check if this problem also disappeared in this old save. However, it may happen that although the new saves will not have this error anymore, the old save will remain damaged.
The last step - delete The Sims4 old folder.
Your saves and library will be not changed or damaged

I don't work for EA
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Re: game failed to load. Error

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I just tried all of that but it still has the same error, apparently it's happening to other simmers but i don't know what could be causing it for me.

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