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Re: event data tracker

by DonroaAkashu

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event data tracker

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Ive been playing the sims for awhile and never come across a problem like this.  I had a recent break from the sims and came back to a last exception notification whilst loading my game in sulani. I removed mccc and there was still a problem, i then proceeded to use the last exception assistant website and it couldn't pin point the problem. I downloaded the better exceptions mod and it suggest that something called event_data_tracker was the problem. Theres nothing in my mods or sims folder by the name of that and im really lost on what to do. If anyone could help its greatly appreciated.

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Re: event data tracker

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@lottemax   If the LE lists a mod name, like MCCC, you have to go to their site for specific help. You can post the LE here under a spoiler too, but there are no promises they can be read and understood. Remove any mentions of adult mods if you have them, according to forum rules.


But did you delete the localthumbcache.package in The Sims 4 folder after installing/uninstalling your mods? You should also try in a completely new folder, and if the game does not crash then, you'll have to sort through your mods and CC. Use the 50/50 method.

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