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Re: cant reinstall sims 3 island paradise disc

by puzzlezaddict

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cant reinstall sims 3 island paradise disc

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I have owned the Sims 3 Island Paradise disc for years and I had it installed on my laptop. I have uninstalled all of my sims 3 games two years ago, and recently I've been wanting play them again. Sadly, my laptop has stopped reading discs for some reason, but I was able to install most of my games because I had their digital codes, but I didn't have one for Island paradise. I have checked the disc for scratches, which it doesn't have, and I tried making my laptop read my disc copy of Skyrim and the Sims 4, both of which it couldn't read.

Here is a picture of my game disc to prove that I own the game and that I'm not just trying to get a free copy of the game:

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Re: cant reinstall sims 3 island paradise disc

@girglam1  To add Island Paradise to your account, you'll need that missing code, or else you'll need to convince someone from EA customer support that you're the original owner of the disc.  The responders here are generally fellow players, and even the occasional EA employee who shows up doesn't have the power to add content to an account.


If you've previously installed IP on this computer (or another one you have access to), you may still be able to find the code.  A simple uninstall would not hae erased the code from the Windows registry.  So if you can find the code, you should still be able to register it.  Here's where to look:





Otherwise, you'll need to contact EA support.  A picture like the one you've provided here is probably not enough; you'll need a receipt, or else a pic of the disc along with the original case.  Even that might not be sufficient—support reps usually want to see the code printed on the back of the insert that came with the case.  Of course, if you can find that, you probably won't need to contact support at all.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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