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cant plant plasma fruit seeds

by SleazySue

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cant plant plasma fruit seeds

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my gardening level is maxed at 10. when i hover over the plasma fruit seeds (red blinking seed) it doesnt give me the "plant here" option. do i need to do an opportunity or something? also, it probably doesnt matter but my sim is a witch. 


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Re: cant plant plasma fruit seeds

@SleazySue  There's no opportunity associated with planting plasma seeds; any sim with enough skill should be able to do it.  You do need to click on them though to see the option.  You can do this from the sim's inventory or when a seed is already on the ground.


If you click on a seed and don't see the option to plant, or you click and nothing happens at all, it might be that the seed itself is glitched.  You can try moving it out of and back into inventory, from one sim's inventory to another, to the fridge and back, or to a World Adventures chest and back.  There are more intrusive resets as well, but those seem like a lot of trouble to go through for one small seed.  Just buy more at the grocery store, but be sure to remove the bad seed from inventory first.


If your sim buys a new plasma fruit seed from the store and can't plant it either, the issue might be the sim.  Let me know, and I'll write out instructions for dealing with that.


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