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can you plz make sims 3 multiplayer

by zontacromewick

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can you plz make sims 3 multiplayer

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can you plz make sims 3 multiplayer? I love this game so much. I've always wished it to be multiplayer on pc. make it to where we can only allow your friends or people you invite to ur town. maybe even make a lobby where you can find new players you can trust to join ur game. my friends and I say all the time that the game would be awesome if we can play with one another. where you can set up a world or lan world were we can play together kind of like Minecraft or lot of other games. like with MC, me and my friends both know we need to have the same mods to play. it would kind of work like that. if the host has a mod you don't have, they have to ether get it or the host plays without it. I love sims super natural its a great spin off of sims making the magic. I love all the sims 3 expansions just would love a multiplayer expansions. please pretty please consider this. I know sims online bombed which I didn't even know about it till it was to late. maybe make a voting poll? dose anybody else want this?

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Re: can you plz make sims 3 multiplayer

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Hey, thanks for the feedback, but I think it would be more useful for hypothetical future projects. 

The Sims 3 is nearly 8 years old and new feature development is unlikely at this stage. 


However we'll be sure to let folks know if we have any upcoming Sims projects, online or otherwise. 

For now, The Sims 4 is getting active releases, we just announced a new game pack, Sims 4: Vampires 

You mention liking supernatural, if you have The Sims 4, maybe this would be something you're interested in. 

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Re: can you plz make sims 3 multiplayer

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<enter SimsOnline horror flashback>


Edit:  Yes, that was my weak attempt at humor.  Sorry.

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Re: can you plz make sims 3 multiplayer

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yah I kind of thought I mite get the games getting old thing. which makes me sad. btw can you be a fairy, witch, genie  werewolf or ghost? I really loved the dragon valley too. will there be something like that? will we get direct control back? I loved being able to control my sims. also it may have been a glitch in one of the sims games but any chance of  putting sims eye view for the camera function? I don't have sims 4 because I love my expansions soo much on sims 3. I would buy 4 in a heart beat if it had some what the same expansions and be multiplayer of course lol. I really hope you consider this. I love to be able to start up a lan world or a private server with my friends.  thank you for your time and have a good day.

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