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Re: can't do anything after exiting build/buy

by YeeHaw984

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can't do anything after exiting build/buy

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After going into build mode and spending an hour on a house I went in to live mode and my game went all wacky. I cant open any menus, with or without shortcuts, can't go back into build mode, can't change the speed of time, and my sims can't interact with anything. It looks almost as if I hit tab (I didn't and I even pressed and unpressed tab to be sure) but you can still see the menu in the top right corner. I cant see my household thing that would normally been in the bottom left corner. What do I do? I was so excited to play because I just bough the new pack I can't build now and thats pretty important.

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Re: can't do anything after exiting build/buy

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I’m having the same issue and I can’t play the game because of it. Does anyone know a fix??

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Re: can't do anything after exiting build/buy

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I figured out my issue, if you use the UI cheats extension mod theres a new update for it. If you don't use it then I dont know what's causing the issue for you.

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