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can i play Into the future offline?

by katatoniklette

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can i play Into the future offline?

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I just want to know something simple yet found exactly zero answers. I simply just want to know if I can play into the future offline. It says internet required but I wasnt sure if that was simply for download. I have two other expansions that said this as well but it was optional (as is the whole game) and required net to download and do a patch. I remember hearing this and the dragon valley one have to have internet to play them. Help!!!

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Re: can i play Into the future offline?

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@katatonikletteI always play offline, that is I do not sign into the launcher (it is possible to bypass too if you are on 1.67/Steam); and I plug out my ethernet cord. You only need to be logged in to download and install the games, expansions packs and store items.

But of course, if you want to be online for the different features in the game made for this, you can.

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Re: can i play Into the future offline?

@katatoniklette   The answer to your question is complicated. Is your computer a pc or mac? First your game has to be installed with a pre 2012 disc. This disc will install SecuROM DRM. Windows 10 and OS X no longer support SecuRom. You will have to install expansion packs from disc. If you manually patch the game to version 1.67 and have the game activated in Origin, Origin will patch the game to version 1.69. There is no manual version 1.69 patch - it is Origin only. The pre 2012 disc will also install SafeDisc DRM. This DRM is used to require the latest released to market disc to play. After 2012 the disc version requires you to activate the game through Origin. The version 1.69 patch removes (disables) SecuROM and SafeDisc. At this point you don't have an install limit and you will not be required to have a disc in the optical drive to play. SecuROM and SafeDisc were never supported very well and caused issues for legitimate users. SecuROM was considered a rootkit. I have several computers and have a separate gaming computer so if the game requires Origin as DRM I have Origin. I also have Steam. I run both without issues. As you install newer expansion packs there is a point you can only install them through Origin as some were not released as disc form and that's when the problem starts. So you see it is not a simple answer. If you want to play without Origin you need to install from a pre 2012 disc and only install expansion packs from disc. I think Steam does not offer all the expansion packs - you would have to check that. I believe the Sream version installs SecuROM. Since 2012 The Sims 3 is required to use Origin as the DRM (just like The Sims 4 has always required Origin). As I mentioned earlier, Windows 10 and OS X no longer support SecuROM and SafeDisc. You do know you do not own the software when you buy the game (you did buy it didn't you). What you are paying for is to use the software under the terms laid out in the EULA (end user license agreement) - you know the thing you agreed to the first time you started the game - you know the thing no one reads. Like I said to answer your question is complicated.


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