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blue flashing household icons, no sims in households

by snowflake98765

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blue flashing household icons, no sims in households

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Hello! I have had so many problems with this and EA has been literally no help. Yesterday my game showed a loading screen and blue flashing square in the household icons, then it would say no sims live in that household (when just before this the sims were still in my game in their households) it happens to all my worlds and if I go into cas from manage worlds, it shows a new sim that isn't from that household. I removed mods and cc, even deleted them off my pc. I repaired, uninstalled and reinstalled both the sims 4 and origin, I even clean booted my laptop and used ccleaner and nothing has helped. Today I joined to see if it was working again and nothing. There is literally no sims in my game and I have no idea why. Even without saves, there are default sims in the game. I checked if it was corrupted files on my laptop and sims 4 and I got nothing. I literally have no logical explanation. I even updated my driver, nothing. Please, someone, help me out as I have no options now other than to just stop playing the sims 4. Oh, and once I add a household into the house that (used to have) had sims living it, the picture of the sims that now live in that house will show up in every other house that used to have sims in it, even the ones where I added another sim, I'm so confused. I can't even play my game! I'll add a few screenshots if you don't understand. Hopefully, someone can help! Standard smile

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Re: blue flashing household icons, no sims in households

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Please start a new game after first deleting the localthumbcache.package file. Does that work?

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