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Re: a couple of sims 4 questions

by crinrict

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a couple of sims 4 questions

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there are times in create a sim ...where i will be making a sim and my cursor turns into a little camera and i cant seem to get out of it to select clothing or continue into the game.....


also i cannot for the life of me work out how to get my sim to do her homework.....wasnt in a sims personal inventory in sims 3?


also anyone know any sneaky cheats?


i know motherlode works and testingcheats true freezes needs decaying



would like to force my sims knowing people.and increase relationships... unlock items in buymode....


thanks for helping


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Re: a couple of sims 4 questions

  • Do you still have the CAS demo installed ? If so, uninstall it
  • They should be in their inventory. If not, I think you can buy them in the library somewhere or on a bookcase. NOT SURE though
  • Here's a few Cheats: 
  • For unlocking buy mode options, there's a mod somewhere.

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