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You already have all the games in this order

by MountieZane

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Re: Sims 3 Expansion Packs not available for purchase.

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Hey @Herorioc sorry to hear that you are having issues I've moved your post to this thread where others are having the same issue, would you mind try the steps in the accepted solution to see if they help.


Let us know how you get on.


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Re: What does "you already have all the games in this order" mean

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It worked for me to click on the Black Friday banner and add the games to an order. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been trying to figure out how to take advantage of this great sale for the last 6 hours!

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Re: What does "you already have all the games in this order" mean

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black friday sales are over and i cant click on any banner ): and when i go to buy it, it says the "you already have all the games in this order". man. im sad im 1 week behind
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Re: What does "you already have all the games in this order" mean

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@NuBnUb7 I am in the same boat Frown unfortunately that was not a long term fix and those who missed the sale are still stuck with this problem!!! I keep logging this problem with them but am getting nowhere... does not seem like they care or want to fix this problem at all! Which is so surprising considering they are loosing money from potential sales...
Starting to get super frustrating! I know this isn't the correct way to get the game and not sure if it is 100% effective but I know a friend who purchased the game product key off a random website.. it was at a discounted price so not sure how legit the website is but it worked for her and she is able to install and play the games that origin wouldn't let her purchase. I think it was called Alternative Gaming... or Instant Gaming. Not sure if anyone else can provide info on these sites?? Are they legit??

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Re: What does "you already have all the games in this order" mean

@NuBnUb7 and @keeleymillerr I know it's frustrating that this problem hasn't been fixed yet; I'm annoyed too, and I already own the affected packs.  Hopefully there will be a solution soon, but in the meantime, you could try these workarounds:

  • Buy through the Origin website, rather than the app.  If there's another pack you'd like, you can try buying them at the same time.  You might get the message "you already have one of the games in this order," but the purchase should still go through
  • Buy the pack from an authorized third-party seller and register the code in Origin
  • Have a friend or family member with an Origin account gift you the EP, or create a second account and gift yourself

Until EA provides a proper fix, there's not much else you can do.


@keeleymillerr  I understand that cheap codes can be tempting, especially when you've been trying without any success to buy through Origin.  But you have to understand that purchasing from an unauthorized seller carries a real risk.  You don't know where the code originally came from—it could have been stolen or fraudulently obtained.


EA periodically cancels batches of such codes, so you could open your game one day to find that your pack has been deactivated with no warning.  Even your ongoing saves might be unplayable, depending on where your sims currently live and whether they have characteristics that are dependent on the missing pack.  So it's much better to buy from an approved seller, like Walmart, which still sells discs, or Amazon Direct (not the third-party sellers in Marketplace), which provides codes you can register in Origin.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: What does "you already have all the games in this order" mean

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@puzzlezaddict Yes that's why I haven't purchase any off a site like that, like I said I'm worried it isn't legit.

All those ideas are good but very hard here in Australia when we don't have wall mart at all or amazon that inst way overpriced for games and to make it even worse our gaming stores no longer stock the sims 3 that I need as they are old!!! 

Oh well, I guess EA can all miss out on my money! It has almost been a year since this was originally brought up with them so they obviously don't care.


Thanks for all your help.  

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Re: What does "you already have all the games in this order" mean

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I was having this exact same issue and I found a loophole! It's kind of a lot of work but if you're really wanting that expansion pack I'd say it's worth it. If you don't already have a different email than the one on your account, make one. Then make another Origin account and buy the expansion pack as a gift for your main account. Then log back into your regular account and it'll be there! I plan on doing this until they fix the bug which I'm not sure they will since this thread has been going on for a long time. This worked like a charm for me and I was able to buy Island Paradise!

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Re: What does "you already have all the games in this order" mean

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Might be redundant at this point but I'm having the same issue as well. I tried the storewide discount banner (since the Black Friday one is gone) along with all the other suggestions and no luck. Talked to support chat and pretty much said it's a known issue and there is nothing they can do about it right now. Trying to purchase University Life for Sims 3. You'd think they'd have fixed this already by the holiday season especially with the sales.

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Re: What does "you already have all the games in this order" mean

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Hi everyone,


Thank you for your reports! We have made some changes that should avoid this message from showing again when not needed - please, give it another try now and let us know how it goes! Standard smile




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