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Re: Wrong email/password

by nycbigl

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Re: Wrong email/password

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Just writing to thank you for all of your help. My game is fixed now. I didn't have to do anything. I never followed any steps and never did any processes including going into explorer to clean out histories and caches. My internet Privacy Eraser program does that automatically everyday several times a day. So I knew that wasn't the problem. It was the same exact way the first time we all had this problem three weeks ago. I knew it was just a matter of time and all I needed was patience. EA fixed it just fine. The Welcome page is back on the launcher and the Main Menu logs on automatically on it's own just fine now.

Again, thank you for all of your hard work. You all rock as always. High five Heart

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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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This is the latest solution that worked for me .

Im using windows 8.1


Start your launcher and load until the main menu

Click on option's menu  and  select : Open Launcher button

Once you're back at your desktop click on Welcome tab and Sign Out

Now go back to the main menu screen and sign in from there

Important: Untick "Keep me Logged In "  in the main menu under login and from options menu " Online Tab"

Hope it works for you !

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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

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And again impossibel to login to the Sims3 game.


I followed al the steps. Nothing works.


Anyone has an solution?






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