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Re: Wrong email/password

by Flossy-Fa-Lu

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Wrong email/password

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When I logon to origin I can connect just fine, when I start sims 3, the login in the launcher works without a problem.  When I start the game and it wants to login in the game, it suddenly tells me I have the wrong email / password.

Now I did become a member of origin access premier, but since then I played the sims without any problems, so I am kind of confused now.


Yesterday was the first time I got this error, and I thought maybe some server isn't online or something….. but now the error still exists so I come here to ask for help.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Logging into the Sims 3

Community Manager

Thanks a lot for sharing those details with us!


Please, give it another try now, it should allow you to log in again Standard smile


Let us know how that goes!


@silverwood02 I'm not sure what happened there, but if things are working again with the launcher now, could you please try to log in the main menu as well?




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Re: Wrong email/password

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Just to be on the safe side, I allready changed my password, and that didn't help.

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Re: Wrong email/password

@RadioMan71  Please clear you Internet Explorer browser cache.  Even if you never use it, the game does for some purposes.  Be sure to uncheck the box to preserve data for favorites.


clear IE cache:


If you're still having trouble, please post back.  There are occasionally widespread issues with TS3 logins, so it would be helpful to know if the usual troubleshooting didn't work for you.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Wrong email/password

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OK I tried this except the last step, but you can't do that as it says so on that site 

Note: The F12 developer tools in Internet Explorer 11 do not include a cache menu. This process will only work for IE10 or lower.


It didn't work, however I did notice that if I use the correct password it takes a bit longer to come up with the wrong email/password combination as it does when I use a made up password.


And if this is a common problem, I tried a search and only got very old posts or for other games, but I'm having problems with finding the correct search words, so I may have missed something here, anyways I never had an issue like this and I'm playing the sims from the day it was released.

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Re: Wrong email/password

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I've been having the exact same problem, keep getting a message saying "invalid/incorrect username or password". I too, tried changing my password despite knowing my previous password was correct, like you had said, it logged into the launcher fine. I also restarted my laptop multiple times and it still didn't work. I had been trying for over an hour but has now finally logged me in! So frustrating!

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Re: Wrong email/password

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I started having this issue again after I downloaded Seasons and Generations. My logins were working fine before, but this isn't the first time. It doesn't eventually work for me, so I can't play online. And now today, it won't let me login to the launcher, either! I've tried everything I've seen online and no help.

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Re: Wrong email/password

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@Flossy-Fa-Luyour comment about you can login again did make me try again, but I still can't login, but I guess it's a problem that more people have today (and yesterday) so hopefully I can play the game normally without the game telling me that to enjoy all the extra's I do have to login.

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Re: Sims 3: Unable to login at the Main Menu

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I have the steam download, I’ve cleared IE once but I’m going back to clear again, and I’ve deleted the email.bin, but I’m still experiencing this problem. I just got the game today, registered my copy after 3 hours of house-building and decided to download a lot to make it easier on me. Closed out the game so it would recognize that I added something new, and the problems been steady for about an hour and a half no matter what I do. I’ve even changed my password 3 times
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Logging into the Sims 3

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I seem to be having the problem a lot of people are having. I can log in with my username and password in every online EA portal and the game launcher, but when i get to loading up my game save i am not only not logged in but I cant login. I would contact the support people but I dont know what the problem actually is. any help would be great.

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Re: Logging into the Sims 3

@Myrielli  This is a frequent issue that has emerged yet again, and it's definitely on EA's end.  Hopefully there will be a fix soon; these things to tend to get resolved in a few days.  I'll post back when there's any news.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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