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Re: White Screen While Playing

by jpkarlsen

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White Screen While Playing

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I was playing with my single sim who was ask to meet up for ghost night/day, which ended up being in Strangeville. While I was having her fix the only  and broken toilet, my screen turned white went back to normal and it did it once more. I sent her home to save the game and exited it. This has never happened before and I had just played it this pass Monday nights/Tuesday morning with no problems. I use my laptop to play (don't have a desktop) and I don't use mods or cc's.


I hope that someone has an idea why it did that. Thank you and have a great night/morning.

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Re: White Screen While Playing

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Please post a DxDiag.
You can attach the txt file directly to your answer.

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Re: White Screen While Playing

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I'll try that soon but do you or anyone else know this happened out of the blue? I did noticed that when I exited the Sims that the Origin window had popped back up, could that be why it happened? It's just weird as this never happened before. 


Have a wonderful weekend. 

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