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Re: What does this problem mean?

by DonroaAkashu

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What does this problem mean?

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What does it mean when this happens???

You tell the sim, tp get tp bed. They get in then out right away, then again and again.

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Re: What does this problem mean?

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Hi @KKay205 


Do you use any mods or cc?


    • If so, remove them from your game, and use a test game with the following tips:

    • Apart from culling your folders one by one, or the  50/50 method, to narrow down the broken cc or mod, that is all you can do, (restarting and checking your game each time) you'll simply need to find the broken mod/cc it and remove i
    • Mods & cc are well known to cause various in-game issues please check for updates to them / where you found them; do this also > after any sims update or adding a game pack,

    • I also use Sims 4 Studio for batch fixes, as it solves a lot of problems in bulk (but not all.) It's also available for Mac. And is updated frequently, with pack relevant bug fixes.
Mods and CC require maintenance to keep them in your game, if the modder has not updated it after a game patch/update it may be broken (you can check via the mod tracker for reported broken, etc mods). The process of culling & removing it, to find the broken mod is the only option though, you'll find it won't be 'all of them' but a few or even just 'one'.. 


After every patch or game update, this is a necessary process, to add your mods back to your game, folder by folder and starting it each time to test to see if it's ok to play. (nb: you should keep them separated for ease of checking, btw)

Also,  if you are new to using cc/mods please check my post here on maintaining your game.  as there is many tips including the 50/50 method and tools to help you fix your game and how to find the broken mod. 


    • If you do not use any mods or cc: are they 'tired enough'? Nerd 
    • Try 'repair game', then if you still have the issue:

Cache Files: There is a step by step here on Clearing Cache Files (you can also move it to the desktop instead of deleting if you want to be on the safe side).

Another idea for you is to to a Clean Boot of your pc.

Here's a troubleshooter. and another troubleshooter post by Crinrict

 Let me know how you go, 

Hope this helps





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Re: What does this problem mean?

@KKay205 Do you have any noise sources in the room ?

Happy Gaming


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.
Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: What does this problem mean?

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@KKay205  I found an old bug report, with 29 pages of information and possible explanations.

You could read there, and also, if you can't get it fixed following the advices, then send your save to the SimGuru asking for it, as they appearantly cannot replicate it. See the post marked as Solution For Visibility.

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