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Ways to multiply lifetime rewards points

by Ganktoronto

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Ways to multiply lifetime rewards points

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I want to know all the ways to multiply lifetime reward points. So far I know that there's a protest you can do that grants 2 days moodlet that makes you gain more points every game minute and alchemy elixir at level 10 that gives 24 hours moodlet. By combining them we get an x4 multiplier. But what are the other ways, do they exist? 

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Re: Ways to multiply lifetime rewards points

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There are a few ways.


If you're not above cheating: On the main menu and only there. Enter Testingcheatsenabled True. Then in the game, control or shift-click near the number in the LTR tab. Be aware that you may need to move your clicker when the number expands. It gives you 500 points per click.

Ambitious Trait: Ambitious Sims gets 15% more Lifetime Happiness points from fulfilling a Wish or Lifetime Wish.

Keep your Sim's Fun bar up when sleeping: It allows them to gain it whilst sleeping.

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