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Re: Vampire being resisted

by WillParkinson

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Vampire being resisted

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After the patch today, my master vampire is being resisted when he tries to compel a person to part with a bit of their plasma. It's happened three times in a row. No clue why.

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Re: Vampire being resisted

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Three times isn't very much; to me it might just be a run of bad luck.


That said, to make sure you have the best opportunity to actually "compel for a small drink" ensure the following:


- The Sim you are attempting to compel has low Needs, or is under a negative Emotion. (Dazed is the best emotion, which you can also cause on Sims with the Mesmerize ability.)

- You are not trying to compel them during the day. (Being a Day Walker is nice, but if you happen to have weaknesses like Day Phobia, or low needs or a negative Emotion yourself, this can result in your vampire powers failing.)

- Make sure other Sims aren't under the effects of Vampire Resistance. (A drink served at the bar.)


Any Positive Emotion is good for a Vampire to make sure their powers work more effectively.


- B

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Re: Vampire being resisted

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That would be okay, if I had anyone prior to this resist. It only started today, and three in a row seems a little extreme. (But I could very well be wrong. Not like it hasn't happened before.)


Thank you for answering. Standard smile 

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