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by szmondaq

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i cant find an answer to this question anywhere, so im asking here. 

I currently live in Sunset Valley and i have houses in China, Egypt and France. I also maxed out the visa level etc. I want to move my family from Sunset Valley to another city. Wiil i lose my summer houses and progress? 

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Re: Vacation

@szmondaq  That depends on how you move the sims.  If you use NRaas Traveler and the Change Hometown process, then your sims will keep everything.  If you move using the in-game function, I'm not actually sure what will happen, but that function shouldn't be used for other reasons, mainly that data from the old world can get superimposed on the new one and therefore introduce corruption.  The better approach is to save your sims to the in-game bin, quit to desktop, load a new save, and place the sims there.


If you save your sims to the bin and place them in a new save, I believe they'll keep their visa levels.  However, the new save will spawn a new instance of each vacation world the first time your sims visit, and that instance won't include any changes you've made, including any houses your sims might own.  There's a way to transfer the WA worlds as they currently exist to the new save, but I've never tried it and couldn't tell you whether your sims would still own their vacation homes.


So the short answer is, use NRaas Traveler and you won't have to worry about any of the other details.


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