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Re: Updating Question

by LetsSeeNow

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Updating Question

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I'm running out of space to update. I wish that when an update says there's around 305 MB to download, it didn't actually a few gigs more than that. Fine.


There probably isn't a way to do this (things probably just can't work this way), but I'll ask just in case. Can I download a TS4 update on an external drive, then install it on the main drive? I don't want to move the game.


If not, I'll just keep scouring for things to move and delete before every update until I get another computer.

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Re: Updating Question

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There are some external sites that will allow you to perform a patch separately; you may have to do a Google search to find them, however. (AHQ does not allow separate links for mods or unsanctioned updates)


Otherwise through Origin, there really isn't a method I am aware of that will allow you to download the patches separately.


- B

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Re: Updating Question

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Ah, thanks.
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