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Unable to select objects or interactions on one side of the screen

by chocolate343

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Unable to select objects or interactions on one side of the screen

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I am having this issue where I cannot select objects or interactions that appear in the middle of the right half of the screen. When I click on things that are in this specific area of the screen nothing happens (as in it doesn't register that I am clicking on it at all), but if I click on an interaction on the left of the screen within the same set of interactions that one will work. 

For example: Let's say I click on a sim and then I pick the romantic category. If the "make out" option is on the right of the wheel of options and is also on the far right of my screen. I will likely not be able to select it. However if "kiss" appears on the left side of the wheel it will work as normal.

I know for sure that this happens in live mode with interacting with people and objects, and it also effects my inventory. I can usually get around this by moving the camera so that the option that I want is in the middle or the left of the screen but it is a bit inconvenient 

Also I have a vampire sim and I am unable to select the two weaknesses that are in the third row up in her skills menu because they are in this area of the screen.

I do not have any mods installed

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Re: Unable to select objects or interactions on one side of the screen

Have you tried playing around with window mode and full screen mode in game. (Best way to the options would be using ESC)


Could you post a DxDiag? This gives us a bit more information into your system and what is going on.
Feel free to delete any personal information like the 'machine name'. You can attach the DxDiag to your next reply in this post.
You can read about how to gather your DxDiag over here:


do not work for EA




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