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Re: Ultrasound

by s_stutler

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Dear all,


My daughter is playing on Sims4 and she found out via a youtube clip ( that there is a ultrasound and hospital that she would like to play with. Me, I don't  have  a clue how to get this or if it is to be found on Sims4. 

Please advise if this is included in some expansion pack or if the ultrasound can be bought separately or if it is just to be found in a specific hospital.


Thank you in advance. 



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Re: Ultrasound

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@Mats_spelar not existing in the game and there are not such CC object  I think the creator of this video made it using MOO code and graphics illusion.

 About hospital :
I probably saw this hospital - it is available in the Gallery for download. You need to look for the #hospital tag in Gallery
The problem is that this hospital won't work if it is placed in an inhabited world like Willow Creek or Oasis. When the active sim is in EA hospital you should use the freebuild code and replace this EA hospital with this one from the Gallery. Of course, your daughter needs to have an expansion pack "Go to work".

I don't work for EA

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Re: Ultrasound

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 @Mats_spelar  - You can find the poses and the machine and other props HERE! <link removed>


I also recommend Little Miss Sams Ultrasound Scan Mod.. Which i have in game and LOVE! Once you get to the 2nd (and i think 3rd tri too) you can "go to the gynecologist" (offscreen) and you'll come home with an ultrasound scan. When you put it on the wall and view it, it will tell you what number of babies and what sex of babies you're having. 


I really like it. You can grab that HERE <link removed>



Happy Simming !!! 

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