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Toddler can't blow out candles

by Piper4961

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Toddler can't blow out candles

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I can't seem to get my toddler to blow out cake candles to age her up. I either click the cake playing as her and press 'Candle Help...' and then select the Sim I want to help her, or I use that Sim to 'Help blow out candles'. The adult Sim would pick up the toddler, but immediately put her back down. There isn't any error message like the Sim can't get to the cake or anything, so I'm not sure what to do. I do have CC, but I aged up another toddler quite recently and there weren't any problems. This would be the second toddler I've aged up in my game. I got the Parenthood game pack yesterday, if that helps at all. 

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Re: Toddler can't blow out candles

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It might sound ridiculous, as you've already successfully aged up another toddler, but try removing the CC, it's always the best place to start. Just because it didn't affect one Sim... Least that way, it can be ruled out. 


Secondly, have you tried repairing your game (Origin > The Sims 4 > click the cog and select Repair. I'd remove the custom content first, though)? 

Remove CC.


See if you can now age them up (but don't put the CC back until you've tried ageing them up first). 


If that doesn't help, let me know and I'll try to have another think... 





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Re: Toddler can't blow out candles

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If I remove my CC and then add it again, will all of it be back in place (Sims have CC hair & clothes, all of the rooms have lots of CC in them etc.)?

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Re: Toddler can't blow out candles

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I just don't want all of my Sims with CC to go bald/be naked/lose half of the stuff in their homes XD

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Re: Toddler can't blow out candles

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Hi! I had this problem too. Make sure the candles on the birthday cake are lit. I was having the exact same problem as you and all I had to do was put the cake in a Sim's inventory and then put it back down on the table and everything was fine. Hope this works for you!
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Re: Toddler can't blow out candles

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The cake has to be on the center of a table. Use a bistro table instead of dining/long table. It only seems to work on small tables.

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