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The game failed to load . Error code 3.

by onica432

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The game failed to load . Error code 3.

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Ever since i installed the latest update my sims haven't been the same :C the game opens up and immediately gives the error :The game failed to load . Error code 3.


ive removed all mods and it plays fine without them, however if i keep the downloads in and remove all tray items the game loads fine. if i keep all items in and remove all saves, the game wont give me the option of playing new game, you can push the play button and it will take you to create a sim but once you finish it will go to worlds but the family you made doesn't exist. 


im just having a terribly hard time figuring out where to start looking for the problem, if its something in my downloads, from the tray or from the saved files


i tried removing half of the tray files and playing the game while keeping the downloads and it wouldn't work, so i tried the other half and it still wouldn't work so what i learned there is if it is in the tray files then its no ONE file. which makes it hard to locate if its there since i cant tell what tray file is what. i tried just having one  type of file in at once, (first all .household binary, then all .tray item etc) but nothing has worked.

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Re: The game failed to load . Error code 3.


A lot of Mods and CC was broken with the latest patch. Remove all Mods and CC and look for updates where you got it.

Please only PM me when asked to do so. Questions and answers belong here so everyone can benefit from them.

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Re: The game failed to load . Error code 3.

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if its just the mods why is it that it works fine with all mods in in but without tray items?


even back when sims pets came out and all those files broke ive never had this failure to load issue so im having a hard time beliving its the same problem.

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Re: The game failed to load . Error code 3.

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The newest game patch broke several mods and custom content. This can happen as we get updates for the game. Players using mods and cc have to go through their mods folder to find what needs to be deleted or replaced. EA/Maxis aren't responsible for broken mods/cc. It's up to the creators to fix.


Disabling or turning off both mod/cc options isn't enough of a test.


To test this, move your mods folder to the desktop, clear your game cache and delete the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder to help with troubleshooting. Try playing the game again to test. If it loads okay, it may be that some of the mods/cc have become outdated.


How to Delete Cache Files


A list of some of the broken/updated mods/cc


How To Find Problem Mods and CC


Try the 50/50 method:

1. Move all the mods and cc out into a temporary folder on the desktop.
2. Move a few files back at a time. Load the game to make sure it loads and
everything is good.
3. Delete the delete the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder.
4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 till there is no more files to check.


** While your testing, don't save the game. If you find any problems, delete the mod or custom content file.

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