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Re: The Sims 4 Crashing and Exiting during Loading Plumbob at Launch up of game

by ShannonKelly7

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The Sims 4 Crashing and Exiting during Loading Plumbob at Launch up of game

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I downloaded the Sims 4 Standard Edition for Mac and it installed fine, no problems. Played it for about 2 hours without any problems. Saved and quit. 


The next day I started it up and it loaded no problem, but when it opened I noticed that the quality of the graphics was very low... I am running this on a Macbook Pro, 13-inch mid 2012. I went into the game settings and switched the quality to high. Saved, logged out, and reopened the game. The quality looked the same as it did when it was in low! So I switched the quality to ultra, saved and logged out, went to bed. 


The next day, I went to play it and it appeared to be loading up normally, the EA logo comes up, maxis, then Sims 4 logo, then the music starts playing and the loading Plumbob appears, and it appeared to be loading but then it stopped, crashed, and exited itself without an error message of any kind... tried it a few more times and it crashed every single time, the Plumbob loading screen even went black and glitchy before exiting itself back to my regular computer screen.


I tried every single thing for over 6 hours that was recommended to help fix this crashing issue but nothing worked. Contacted Apple and they made sure everything was running normally with my Macbook and there is nothing wrong with it, its running as it should be. I have OS 10.9.5, and all the system requirements needed to run the game. I got a hold of EA tech support and was on the phone with them for over 80 minutes trying different things to make it work. In the end, I was told to make a new user account on my mac and try running the game on that account- AND IT WORKED! Played for 2 hours, nothing wrong. Quality was very low though, just as before, so I switched it to Ultra quality in the game settings (because it should run on the highest quality, and high didn't look any better than low) saved, quit to main menu, then quit the game. Went to bed. 


Woke up today, and when I go to play the game, it is doing the exact same thing as it was doing before! Loading fine, then crashing and exiting itself once on the Plumbob loading symbol. So it appears that once I switch the quality to ultra, and exit the game, it crashes when I try to start it up again the next day and won't let me load the game past the Plumbob loading screen/symbol. 


Has this been happening to anyone else? Tech Support talked me through every single fix that they have and nothing worked. I ended up sadly getting a refund for now because I just want to wait for these issues to be fixed before buying it again. If anyone has had this exact problem and has a fix for it please let me know, because I will buy this game again once these problems are fixed.

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Re: The Sims 4 Crashing and Exiting during Loading Plumbob at Launch up of game


How much RAM does your Macbook have? If you only have 4GB of RAM, you should buy a little more as the game basically takes up most of that 4 GB to run.


Are you running with any CC or Mods? AT this point in time, CC and Mods are causing many issues with the Mac version. 


And lastly, what kind of Graphics card do you have? If you have one of the Intel ones, upgrading to Yosemite solves most of those issues.

***Please note that I am a player like you and not an employee of EA.***
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Re: The Sims 4 Crashing and Exiting during Loading Plumbob at Launch up of game

★★★★ Novice

Processor  2.9 GHz Intel Core i7


Memory  8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 (stored in two memory slots, 4GB each)


Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB


Not running any CC or Mods, I have no idea how to do that anyways! I'm keeping it simple.


Your reply has been very helpful! I'm going to look further into your recommendations and hopefully this will help when I repurchase and download the game! 

Thanks a ton! Standard smile

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