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cc hair

by nko89

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Re: Sims 4 Hair Streak Issues

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@ix_soar Apologies for the delay. I somehow missed your reply until just now.  It appears your post was merged with the master thread on this topic.  Since turning off laptop mode seemed to help and you're unable to find a specific CC culprit, I wonder if you could keep laptop mode off and adjust your graphics settings to avoid some of the lag.  Perhaps try adjusting your settings according to the first post in this thread and see if that helps.

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black streaks in hair and shiny in cas

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My computer doesn't have the laptop option and there are black streaks in the hair in game and then it's shiny in CAS when it isn't supposed to be and I don't know why.

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Re: black streaks in hair and shiny in cas

@yourBeautiful12  Does the hair come with the game? Is the hair cc (custom content)? Does your computer have a gaming video chip?


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Re: black streaks in hair and shiny in cas

@yourBeautiful12 I merged your post with the main thread. The laptop option should be in graphics options of the game.

If that doesn't help, you should probably just use other cc hair.

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cc hair has blonde streaks MacBook Air

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I recently got MacBook Air and decided to download sims 4 and add cc and mods to my game. when I am in cas, there are no issues with cc hair but once I begin playing, all of my cc hair has blonde streaks through it and it is blocky. I have turned off laptop mode and I am still having this issue. can anyone please help?

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cc hair

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I have some hair mods installed but it seems ok in the game but on the emotion overlay it is showing as blonde streaks. Does anyone know how to fix it?


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Re: cc hair

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@nko89 What graphics setting are you using in game low medium or high.

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Re: cc hair

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@Rachelharris31 I am using low medium settings on the game

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Re: cc hair

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@nko89 sorry for the late response try putting your graphics to medium or high see if that helps some cc hair not all needs medium or high graphics or you end up with blond streaks.

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Re: cc hair

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@Rachelharris31 I tried that but when I changed the hair in CAS the other hair is fine so I think the hair is broken in the game 

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