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The Sims 3

by DanielCasimiro

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The Sims 3

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My game has encountered an error at the moment my Sim will attend an emergency in the Firefighter profession. For example, when the option "Put out small fire in house" is selected, this action is canceled and nothing else happens. I lose the experience of the profession and the firefighter's working day because nothing else happens.


I already used the resetSim [username] command but the problem persists. In other professions this error also occurs.


There is also a case where none of my co-workers go to work or help me with the occurrences. Is there a bug fix made by EA Games? Or is there any command I can use to remedy these defects?

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Re: The Sims 3

@DanielCasimiro  This is in fact a bug in the game, not anything you're doing wrong.  (And the firefighter coworkers are indeed supposed to stand around being unhelpful.)  The usual cause is a small fire on a house with a foundation.  I don't think the bug was in the game when Ambitions was first released, but it surfaced after a patch and was never resolved.


The easiest approach is to manually send your sim to the house without assigning them the task of putting out the fire—click the place you want the sim to go and select Go Here.  Once on the property, or maybe on the front porch (i.e. standing on the foundation), you can tell your sim to handle the fire, and it should work.  I say "should" because sometimes things still don't work correctly for no apparent reason.


If this is a constant issue for you, the only other solution, so to speak, is for your sim to level up in the career by improving their athletic and handiness skills.  It earns job experience, and the higher levels get to handle large house fires and a variety of other weird emergencies.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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