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The Sims 3 pets PS3 import-a-sim glitch denies access to my own saved data

by CRYwordsNOTtears

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The Sims 3 pets PS3 import-a-sim glitch denies access to my own saved data

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This linked issue was marked solved BUT IT IS NOT!


On the Sims 3 pets for PS3, I do not have access to Sims I have created and saved. The online servers have been shut down, I fully understand that. A Sim I CREATED should be accessible regardless of online access. I am not trying to access online data, just MY DATA... Please HELP!


Here is my original comment on the original thread that was INCORRECTLY marked as solved:



Hi! Thank you for your attention to this issue and all the help you provide to us console users and everyone else.

I am having the same problem as mentioned above and the link you posted does not lead anywhere. 

I think maybe you have misunderstood us and also the title is a bit misleading.. We are not trying to download anything from online, we are trying to import a sim from our studio. A sim that we have made ourselves and saved ourselves to our own studio. no custom content (because as i'm sure you know consoles don't have access to sims cc) and no exchange involved.

I know that the online gallery aspect of sims 3 for consoles has been closed but it seems like a big issues to not have access to our own data? Looking at my own library is not an online feature.

Is there anything that can be done? do you have any recommendations of who I should reach out too?

@grogger934 maybe you can revoke the solution or I can start a new thread?

@crinrict is there anything you can suggest as far as someone to reach out to? 


The picture attached shows the loading screen we get stuck on trying to access our saved Sims in create a Sim. It will just continue to "load" until I quit the game or shut off my PS3. I understand we are almost half a decade into a new generation of the Sims and I understand that keeping every server open is a lot to ask but Sims created on my console should be accessible for as long as I have my game. I don't need anything from online.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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