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@Armunka Thanks, and sorry for the late response. I do have suggestion you could try and see whether it works.


You will need to edit your GraphicsRules.sgr file manually, which is located in the Sims 3 installation folder (The Sims 3\Game\Bin), so please make a backup of it. Then, to make sure Windows lets you save the changes, move the version you'll be editing to your desktop. You can open it in Notepad to make your edits.


Once open, please search for RenderShadowMode 1. In my file, which I used the GPU Add-on on, as well as in EA's original file, there is only one instance of it with this value, in the section that applies to the ATI (AMD) vendor. Double-check that you have found it in the correct spot. Change the 1 to 2, then save the changes and move the file back to the Bin folder. 


Let me know what happens.

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Re: The Sims 3 No shadows

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