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The Sims 3 Exchange isn't working?

by senpaiproblems

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The Sims 3 Exchange isn't working?

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Hello everyone!


I usually don't have any issues downloading from the exchange from my past experiences. I had recently stopped playing the Sims 3 and focused on Sims 4. But now I'm back to Sims 3, and cannot play without Custom Content.


I download most/all of my custom content from the exchange, but lately; I can't get past page three. I click on this month, go to the second page, and I'm back to "today" or 'this week."  I can't even look up a certain gender and age without it going right back to "today" or "this week."


I know that the sims crew is focused on the Sims 4 right now, but I really don't know if it's something that I can report? Would they bother to check it out? I really enjoy playing Sims 3, and O want to download everyone's sims. 


I forgot to mention, It's only for when I'm downloading Sims from the exchange.


Am I doing something wrong? And is there a way to contact EA to either check this out or fix it? Like I said, I know they're focused on Sims 4, but they still have Sims 3 plans!


If anyone can help, that would be great! Thank you!


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